Scientific Sections

ICE2020Helsinki Scientific Sections


Section 1: Arctic, Alpine and Polar Entomology

Includes e.g., entomology with altitude and latitude!

Conveners: Toke Höye, Denmark; Peter Convey, UK; Diana Wall, USA


Section 2: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Includes e.g., biodiversity, biogeography, and conservation

Conveners: Jaret C. Daniels, USA; Isabel Alves dos Santos, Brazil; (one more expert needed)


Section 3: Biological Control and Insect Pathology

Includes e.g., predators, parasitoids, parasites, pathogens, and biocontrol of weeds by insects

Conveners: Ann Hajek, USA; Eric Wajnberg, France; Andy Sheppard, Australia


Section 4: Ecosystem Services

Includes e.g., biological control as ESS; pollination, and decomposition

Conveners: Nancy Schellhorn, Australia; Teja Tscharntke, Germany; Marco Aizen, Argentina


Section 5: Interactions and communication between trophic levels

Includes e.g., symbionts, arthropod-plant interactions, chemical ecology, behavior, plant disease vectors

Conveners: Nicole van Dam, Germany; Junji Takabayashi, Japan; Xinnian Zeng, China; Jarmo Holopainen, Finland


Section 6: Ecology and Evolution

Includes e.g., insect ecology, evolution, and sociality

Conveners: Koos Boomsma, Denmark; Peter Hambäck, Sweden; Toomas Tammaru, Estonia


Section 7: Food Chain Entomology

Includes e.g., agricultural, stored product, and household entomology; GM-crops and integrated pest management

Conveners: Frank Zalom, USA; Gadi Reddy, USA; Katsuya Ichinose, Japan; Yaghoub Fathipour, Iran


Section 8: Forest and Urban Landscape Entomology

Includes: forest entomology and urban landscape entomology

Conveners: Andrea Battisti, Italy; Dmitry Musolin, Russia; Heli Viiri, Finland; Nathan P. Havill, USA


Section 9: Genetics, Genomics, and Systematics

Includes e.g., insect genetics, genomics, phylogeny, morphology and systematics

Conveners: Astrid Groot, Netherlands; Zhijian (Jake) Tu, USA; (need one more expert)


Section 10: Physiology and Developmental Biology

Includes e.g., development, reproduction, immunology, neurobiology, and biochemistry

Conveners: Bill Hansson, Germany; Salaheldin Abdelsalam, Saudi Arabia; Romina Barrozo, Argentina


Section 11: Insect and Microbial Molecular Biology

Includes e.g., molecular biology of insects and associated microbes

Conveners: Angharad Gatehouse, UK; Franco Pennacchio, Italy; Takema Fukatsu, Japan


Section 12: Invasive species and Regulatory Entomology

Includes e.g., invasive insects, quarantine, and Homeland Security

Conveners: Herve Jactel, France; Eckehard Brockerhoff, New Zealand; Ian Pearse, USA; Marc Kenis, Switzerland


Section 13: Domesticated Insects and Insect Rearing

Includes e.g., apiculture, sericulture, mass production of insects (including insects for food and feed, and insects for biological control)

Conveners: Arnold van Huis, Netherlands; Daniele Alberoni, Italy; Sunday Ekesi, Kenya (a silkworm expert still needed)


Section 14: Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Includes e.g., arthropods vectoring pathogens of humans, animals and plants; arthropod pests of vertebrates

Conveners: Ken Vernick, France; Hilary Ranson, UK; Eva Veronesi, Switzerland; Azhahianambi Palavesam, India


Section 15: Current Special and Forward-looking Topics

  1. various new and exciting topics such as “Nanotechnology in Entomology”, “IPM in Ornamentals”, etc.

Conveners: Yulin Gao, China; (need at least one more)