Purple-edged copper Lycaena hippothoe, foto: Pekka Malinen

Frequently asked questions

[1.] Oral presentation abstract submission: I already entered abstract submit system and saw the user interface. Does the abstract need to be separated into several paragraphs or just single paragraph? And is there any other regulations that we should follow? Or are there any example files that could take a look?

Please just submit your abstract, preferably as a single paragraph. We have no specific rules about the abstract, but it should follow the usual style of an abstract for a publication in international journals.

Presentation abstracts can be submitted at any time until the submission deadline (general deadline: 28 February 2022, using the submission procedure at our website. Many symposia are by invitation only (by the symposium organizer), and it is not possible to submit to those symposia without a special invitation link. Many other symposia are “open”, meaning that anyone can submit proposals to those symposia.

Beyond these, it is always possible to submit abstracts for presentation proposals to the “Contributed presentation proposals” pool, on any entomological topic. Those abstracts are not initially associated with any specific symposium, but symposia will be formed based on these proposals in March/April 2022. Symposium organizers can also invite some of these presentations to their symposia if the wish (and there is space in their symposium).

Poster presentations can be associated with a specific symposium, or (usually) are independent. They are grouped by the organizers according to broad topics.

When initiating the submission process, you will be asked for the type of presentation: oral, quick oral, or poster.

[2.] Symposium is full. Where can I submit an abstract?

Please do not worry if the ‘ideal’ symposium is full. Presentation proposals can be submitted in the ” Contributed presentation proposals” -pool on any entomological, relevant topic just as to the announced specific symposia. Some symposium organizers pick presentation proposals from this pool to fill their symposium, and we will create new, appropriate symposia from this pool in March. Everyone who wishes will get a chance to deliver a presentation to an interested audience!

Each symposium “has a life of its own”, but the general absolute deadline for abstract submissions is the end of February 2022. Specific symposia may have earlier deadlines (if they are open to other than invited contributions). Until the deadline, you can always submit a proposal in the “Contributed presentations” -pool.

[3.] After submitting the abstract, will I receive any accepted letter directly or I need to apply for it?

The abstract will undergo a peer review, and once accepted, a letter will be sent automatically to you confirming the acceptance. If you submit to the “open call for presentations”, it may be a quicker process; if you submit to a specific Symposium, it is up to the Symposium Chairs to accept the presentations – these symposia have varying deadlines and practises concerning acceptance.

[4.] Student scholarships, travel grants and fee waivers: I would like to know if there are any available student scholarship of attending conference for me to apply.

The ICE2022Helsinki organizers do not have student scholarships, travel grants or fee waivers to offer, but many organizations and societies have announced support that can be applied for. Also, many Symposium organizers have symposium-specific sponsor funding that may be possible to apply for. Otherwise please check with your national funding agencies and/or companies for possible sponsor support. Maybe some company in your country with interest in entomology could sponsor you to attend, and then you can report back to them about the latest advances in the area of their interest? Or maybe they are interested to rent an exhibition booth, and you can help them represent their company? We definitely hope that you can find a solution and will be able to attend.

[5.] Transfer of registrations?

We are sorry to hear that you might not be able to join. However, it is possible to transfer your registration to someone else. In this case, the transferring person needs to contact us and tell the name and e-mail address of the person to whom the registration is transferred. The new person then gets a registration link where the fee is zero, but they must fill and save that nonetheless to be able to get a congress badge. See precise instructions in our December 2020 Newsletter.

[6.] Remote presentations by video, or pre-recorded talks?

Quick and short reply is: not possible.

For ICE2022Helsinki remote presentations are not an option. When we have some 2000 presentations packed into 15 parallel sessions over 5 days, we cannot allocate a lot of attention to one specific presentation and the technology needed for it. Further, the idea of a congress has a lot to do with physical presence and the possibility to directly interact with any of the 3000+ attendees during the congress week. Further, unfortunately as a matter of principle, the right to present is connected to the payment of the participation fee. We cannot give out waivers, because of our economics (we pay dearly for the rent of the congress venue – unlike Orlando, where the city gave the venue for free to the ESA), and for being fair to all other attendees and presenters.

Thus: maybe the presentation can be given by a co-author who is attending the ICE2022Helsinki?

[7.] Would it be possible to change the email address associated with my registration and abstract submission? The original email address I provided is currently very unreliable and my university is now in the process of phasing it out, so I’m concerned that I may not be getting important messages relating to ICE2022.

You can change your username/email address in your user account, in the “My Account” -menu.

Everything will continue to work with the changed email, and it gets updated to you abstract and everywhere automatically.


More questions and answers will be placed at this site soon.